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LDS Adult Scout Leadership
Brief descriptions for adult scout leadership positions in the LDS sponsored scout units.

SPL Handbook
An outline of Senior Patrol Leader responsibilities and resources

PLC Agenda
A sample outline of a Patrol Leader Council agenda



Do it yourself gear
Some links to do-it-yourself plans and ideas



Neckerchief slide designs
Some simple neckchief designs your scouts can whittle from a block of wood.



Plant Identification
A slide presentation of native plants in the New England area.


Animal Identification
A slide presentation of native animals in the New England area.





Introduction to Compass
Lesson plan for introducing Scouts to the compass.  Includes a game designed to teach bearings.

Map Quiz
Colorful map quiz which tests a Scout's knowledge of map symbols, map orientation, and common sense.

Compass Quiz
One-page quiz covering parts of a compass, bearings, and personal measurements (answer sheet included).

Measuring Methods
Handout describing ways to measure heights and distances using the pencil method, the tree-felling method, and the Napoleon method.

Introduction to Maps
Lesson plan for a 20 minute session introducing Scouts to maps and map reading.  Includes a map symbols quiz and a map symbols relay game.

Personal Measurement Chart
Handy chart for a Scout to record his own personal measurements.



Hobo Stove
Instructions for making a Hobo Stove.

Buddy Burner
Instructions for making Buddy Burners for use as fire starters or fuel for hobo stoves.

Charcoal Stove
Instructions for making a Charcoal Stove from a large can.





How to Pack a Backpack
Gear List and diagram for packing a backpack for a hiking trek.

Model Campsite
Diagram of a model campsite set up.



Introduction to First Aid
Lesson plan for a 15 minute Introduction to Simple First Aid.  Covers most First Aid problems encountered on a campout.

A Scout's First Aid Duties
Handout listing a Scout's Duties when he encounters a situation where first aid is necessary.  Included is a handout which describes how to get help in an emergency.

First Aid Kit in a Film Can
Handout describing how to make a personal first aid kit in a film can.  Complete instructions.

Handouts showing how to make and use cravat bandages, diagrams of how to tie bandages, and uses of the Scout neckerchief.

Medical Jeopardy
Game submitted by Rich Escallier similar to Jeopardy on TV but with all First Aid questions and categories.

First Aid Review
Basic First Aid topics with simple treatments and information.



Agenda for Patrol Meetings
Agenda for weekly patrol meetings and patrol corners.

Patrol Spirit
Handouts on the meaning of Patrol Spirit and how to make a Patrol Flag.