General Guidelines

·         First Aid is exactly as the term implies, the first aid given for an injury. It is not intended as a long-term solution to a problem, nor does it replace treatment provided by trained medical personnel.

·         Before attempting to administer First Aid, you need to perform an initial assessment which should include: Safety (yours and the victims), mechanism of the injury (how did it happen), medical information devices (“Medic Alert” tags or bracelets), number of casualties (if more than one person involved), bystanders (those that might be able to help you).1

·         Always avoid contact with blood or other body fluids. Use latex gloves whenever possible.

·         If administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, use a face shield, following instructions on the packet.

·         In an emergency, you should follow these priorities:

o        Check that you are not placing yourself in danger by providing first aid. If you become injured you will not be able to help others!

o        Check to see if the person is conscious. If conscious and they are breathing, stay with the victim while sending somebody else to call for help.

o        Check to see if the person is breathing. If you are alone, call 911 first if possible before starting rescue breathing.

o        Check for a pulse. If no pulse found begin CPR if you know the technique.

o        Check for bleeding. Immediately stop bleeding by applied direct pressure before you worry about any “fancy” bandages.

o        Check for neck and spinal injuries, injuries on the head. You should never move the victim unless it’s absolutely necessary.

o        If the person is unconscious do not attempt to give them fluids.

·         Do not become involved in using treatment methods beyond your skill. Recognize the limits of your competence. Only perform First Aid procedures that are within your scope of knowledge and skills. 2

·         Always stay calm and do not ever give up. Continue to provide aid to the victim until help arrives!

Standard First Aid Course: NAVEDTRA 13199.
First Aid Guide for School Emergencies

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