First things First

All too often we get caught up in some minor detail and miss the big picture, or to put it another way, “we miss the forest for the trees”.  It is important to keep in mind the following priorities when performing first aid.

Always perform first aid in the following order:

1.       Restore Breathing:  A person becomes brain dead in 6 minutes if breathing is not restored.

2.     Stop Severe Bleeding:  Without blood, oxygen can not get to the vital organs of a persons body.

3.     Treat Shock: A victims mind and body must work together in order to be healthy.  Never overlook shock situations, be they mental or physical.

4. Call advanced medical help immediately: Always realize that you are providing a stop-gap function to an injured person.  Always obtain trained medical assistance as soon as possible.  It also is good first aid practice to have even minor wounds checked when expert medical assistance is available.

USDA Handbook #227 .

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