Ward Varsity Assistant Team Coach


Wherefore, now let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed, in all diligence.
D&C 107:99

The Purpose of Your Calling:
Through your ward outlined Scouting Program, help the assigned young men in your ward, ages 14 and 15, to build desirable qualities of character, learn leadership skills, be aware of the responsibilities of citizenship, develop personal fitness, and help these young men honor their priesthood.To support the mission of the local BSA Council: It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people, and other ways to prepare them to make ethical choices during their lifetime in achieving their full potential. The values we strive to instill are based on the Scout Oath and Law. The aims of Scouting are to develop in youth (1) a strong ethical character, (2) an active, participating citizenship, including leadership ability, and (3) personal fitness: physical, mental, emotional and moral.

Guidelines of Your Stewardship:

  1. Register with the Boy Scouts of America and wear the Varsity Scout uniform
  2. Become trained with Varsity Fast Start, Basic Training, and Woodbadge if possible.
  3. Get to know and become closely aware of all Varsity Team members.
  4. Assist the young men to conduct weekly regular Varsity Team meetings and a monthly officers meeting.
  5. Develop and conduct at least one Varsity High Adventure experience per year.
  6. As a coach shadow leader and with the young men, tentatively plan for the entire year Team activities; then plan and carry out a definite calendar for at least three months in advance to be approved by the Bishop in Key Scout Leaders Meeting.
  7. Read manuals fully, review Varsity video if available.
  8. Maintain the standards of a chartered organization and BSA.
  9. Continuously train Team members to plan and operate a Quality Award program and to wear the Varsity uniform and continue their advancement program.
  10. Coach, guide and implement the Team program as outlined through its officers and Team members.
  11. Secure adult help and resources as needed through your adult Varsity Team committee.
  12. Supervise a balanced Varsity Scout Letter Program with five fields of emphasis: (1) Individual Scouting advancement to achieve Eagle rank (2) High Adventure activities, (3) Personal development, (4) Service projects, (5) Special programs and events.
  13. Plan and carry out activities with a priesthood purpose.
  14. Become proficient at being a good leader developer, through study, awareness and application.
  15. Through the Varsity adult committee, provide trip permits for all outside the ward activities involving travel.
  16. Encourage parent involvement.
  17. Maintain two-deep leadership in all activities
  18. Report regularly to your designated member of the Bishopric.
  19. Rule One: Make it fun!

Qualifications You Should Develop
1. Ability to work closely with young men.
2. Ability to organize time effectively.
3. Ability to develop leadership and team spirit and follow the Varsity Program as outlined.
4. A testimony and good relationship with the Lord

Meetings/Activities to attend
1. Weekly Team meetings, and a monthly planning meeting.
2. Monthly Ward Key Scout Leaders Meeting.
3. District Round Table each month at                                                                        .
4. Committee planning meetings.                      (schedule and location)
5. Stake Courts of Honor to receive awards earned.
6. District and Council activities support.
7. General church meetings.
8. Appropriate stake YM and YM/YW activities, i.e., Standards Night, Sports, Stake Dances, etc.

Average amount of time spent in your calling per week: 4-6 hours

Handbooks or supplemental materials available to help you:
Aaronic Priesthood Handbook (LDS), Scouting Handbook (LDS) Boy Scout Handbook (BSA) Duty to God and Varsity Leader Handbooks (BSA) On My Honor Awards

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