Welcome to Josh Andreasen's Webpage!

Hey! Click this if you are looking for the deacons assignments. I'll try and post them up every other month and if you have any questions about the sheet then please look for me at the church on Sunday or Wednesday.

Otherwise I'd just like to say Hi to all my friends looking at my page!

Some of my goals for the year are:

  • to write in my journal until there are no pages left
  • to get my Eagle Scout by the time I'm thirteen and a half

The poem of the month is...


We must all give,

Our love to others,

Just as much to our brothers,

Love is what keeps the U.S together,

Love is what we should treasure forever,

During our difficult times,

We do not need a mime,

To cheer us up,

Like filling a cup,

You don't need to shove,

To get some love,

Just look around,

And love is found!

Written and edited by: Josh Andreasen