▼Anatomy of a Sugar Shack 2005▼

Stovewood neatly stacked.


Heavy-duty wheels.


Another good day of thaw.


Vents wide open.


Another cache.


Wringer for washed filters.


Making hay while the sun shines, so to speak.


A typical New Hampshire scene in mid-March.


1805,1905 or 2005?


Next customer, please.


Jeff reads the specific gravity as another batch gets close.


Bill gets great satisfaction from doing this the old-fashioned way.


We locals like to stop by to check out the action.


There is nothing like the smell of sap steam.


Just about there!


Done! A lot of work, but worth it. Best syrup I've ever had.


Bill and Dick examine the float.


This filter frame has been used every year for 40-50 years. The thermometer measures degrees above 212 F.


Dick adds fuel to the fire.


Last year's peas.


The old barn at Little Brook Farm is dated at 1777.